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Recapture consumer attention. Create authentic, connected brand journeys that accelerate retail demand with unique, engaging experiences that break through today’s mobile-first, on-demand lifestyles.


Why Discovery Kits?

A Physical Experience in the Digital World

Customers are analog people living in a digital world - they are craving physical, tangible, memorable experiences. Four reasons why a Discovery Kit might be right for your brand:

  • Accelerate Brick and Click traffic. Give customers a reason to visit the store and online. Anchor brand moments and create authentic brand connection.

  • Discovery boxes turn an overwhelming amount of choice into something that is interesting and intriguing. Create physical experiences of wonder and excitement.

  • Discovery Boxes have a bounce back component to bring customers back to the store. Increase retail traffic and online traffic.

Retail Insights from One of the World's Fastest-Growing Retailers

We'll be sharing retail insights from working with one of the world's fastest-growing retailers at an upcoming webinar September 18. If you would like to attend, simply register below:

How 5 Senses Became 10


As influencer marketing budgets increase along with the marketing and PR teams' expectations for results, Vivabox has discovered how to double the standard 4x ROI on marketing investment.

We are all familiar with the five senses — sight, sound, smell, taste, touch. Successful companies go beyond the five senses, creating customer experiences that include the Ten Senses of Influence. The expanded list includes Self-Worth, Time, Beauty, Humor, and Purpose. These 10 senses integrate together and help explain both the world within our customers and the world they are experiencing around them.

Consumers are craving time, self-worth, beauty, humor and purpose. Top retailers create intentional, thoughtful experiences that save time, contribute confidence, create feelings of beauty, enable laughter, and cause connections with a purpose.

This isn’t a ‘millennial’ insight. We are living in a volatile, digital world and our human reaction is to seek enhanced self-expression, optimism, and purpose. In a word, we’re seeking wonder!

Companies can inspire and engage consumers with enticing, exciting experiences of wonder and discovery. Doing so enables customers and influencers to communicate with authenticity, using their own voice and style to amplify your brand through word of mouth and on social media. The best way to accomplish this is by creating physical, memorable experiences worth talking about. Offer customers experiences of wonder, excitement and discovery and you will grow your brand along with ROI.

Let's Collaborate


Vivabox partners with Brands, Retailers, Marketers and Buyers to accelerate retail demand by creating physical, memorable experiences and brand moments. We help you create authentic, connected brand journeys with unique, engaging experiences that break through today’s mobile-first, on-demand lifestyles.

We've worked with 800 brands to create positive ROI impact.


Who is Vivabox?


We engage customers with physical, memorable experiences is essential to generating demand in today’s e-Commerce world.


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Discovery Kits

Re-engage Customers with Physical Experiences of Discovery, Wonder, and Excitement

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