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Looking for insights to ensure you deliver on the ROI promise of your influencer campaign? Better communication and experience-driven packaging are two key ingredients to increase ROI for your Influencer Marketing program. New research conducted by TapInfluence in partnership with Vivabox highlights what Influencers really want, which could be the answer to delivering on your ROI commitment.

Based on a survey of 800 influencers, Vivabox and TapInfluence uncover 5 tips for engaging influencers. Read the full article here: Experience Driven Packaging for Influencers.


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Influencer marketing continues to grow at a rapid pace, with ad spend at 38% Compound Annual Growth over the last 5 years according to Business Insider. More importantly, in a groundbreaking 8-year research study by TapInfluence, Influencer Marketing spend produced 11x ROI compared with digital advertising. This same research showed that brands using Influencer Marketing experienced growth at the expense of their competitors and received an additional 2x impressions post campaign.

Today's consumers are more likely to make purchase decisions based on recommendations from others. In fact, "86% of women surveyed turn to social media outlets for opinions, advice and recommendations, while 72 percent connect with their social media community 'frequently' to help make everyday purchasing decisions."

Further "86% of the most-viewed beauty videos on YouTube were made by influencers, compared to 14 percent by beauty brands, themselves." Lastly, according to e-Marketer, 41% of Millennials will use ad blockers this year. These dynamic factors are coming together to create the perfect storm for marketers and at least partially explain the significant growth and expanded impact of Influencer Marketing.

3 Best Practices for Marketers and Buyers

From Business Insider's 2018 Influencer Marketing research report, several key insights and recommendations stand out: Influencer marketing ad spend is poised to reach between $5 billion and $10 billion in 2022. Taking the midpoint of $7.5 billion as a base case, this represents a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 38%.

Brands need to strike a fine-balance, providing influencers with enough creative freedom, while also ensuring the messaging positively reflects the brand. Nearly 40% of influencers believe that overly restrictive content guidelines are one of the biggest mistakes brands and agencies make when working with them.

Influencers tend to have higher user engagement than content generated by brands. The average influencer engagement rate across industry verticals is 5.7%. As a comparison, the average engagement rate for brands on Instagram has fluctuated between 2-3% in the past year.

Authenticity is key for influencer marketing messaging. Brands should give influencers sufficient creative freedom to keep posts authentic, as it makes posts less likely to be dismissed by users. Other best practices include repurposing influencer content for multiple platforms, evaluating the audience and following of an influencer, and leveraging data to optimize future campaigns.

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