this is how you vivabox

using a real project, we can offer you insight
into how the process works.

A large retailer came to us wanting to increase in-store shopping trips among their most loyal members by 30% per year. Vivabox concepted, designed, and produced a members-only kit that fit their business goals and worked within their planogram. The results included 98% sell-through at an above-average margin, 6% increased member basket size per trip, and a 31% increase in member shopping trips. They even saw non-member trips increase. Success!

Check out the process here to learn more about how this solution was created for them.

understand > plan > comp > prototype > logistics > Qa > promote > educate > deliver > measure



understand the challenge

A large retailer came to us looking to create a reason for their members to come into their physical stores more often and increase their shopping trips an additional 30% per year.

3 day duration

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come up with a plan

We helped our client take back control of an important part of their customer’s journey & experience that had previously been handed over to a giant e-commerce retailer.

We dug into retailer and shopper data to understand the challenge from a loyalty perspective. We tapped into our expertise in retail, design, shopper marketing, consumer behavior, trends and data to develop a strategy.

More than just a litany of smart, strategic inputs, we used those data points to find the story that could be applied to their unique customer experience.

2 week duration



bring it to life

Next, we brought that strategy to life in the form of experiential packaging for this specific challenge and consumer.

Our creative and strategy teams explored dozens of options before arriving at three winners. Those solutions were further developed into three digital mockups, which we presented to our client in a along with the full program details and timeframes.

2 week duration

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make it

After arriving at a final design solution, we created physical prototypes while issuing RFQs for every component of the project. Then we got going on production.

14 week duration



work out the details

We brought our client pricing and timing options to review and approve, while we took care of engineering and design edits made to the prototype for review #2.

Our client was looking to deploy 30k units with 360k components along with 30,000 semi-custom “member thank you notes.” All of these were delivered to our client as a physical prototype for final approval.

1 week duration

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make sure it’s right

After receiving final approval, the packaging and all components went through a rigorous quality assurance process in the VBX warehouse.

3 day duration



spread the word

We know that in order to move product off the shelves, we would need to help them get the word out. We produced a library of social media photography and content for our client and their partners to use on their social channels.

1 week duration

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educate the troops

Before the Vivaboxes went on sale, we held short, In-store education ‘classes’ to get employees informed and excited about the program. Additionally, we provided merchandising expertise and recommendations at their 5 flagship stores.

2 week duration



bring it to the people

Finally, the big day arrived, and we shipped Vivaboxes to the client’s five distribution centers.

The retailer and the component partners began promoting the product using a unified hashtag, and employees were ready and excited to introduce it to their members.

2 week duration

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In the end, our success is measured with data. Here’s how we did:

98% sell-through

6% increased basket size when member bought the special kit

Average of +21% member in-store traffic +13% non-member in-store traffic during the first week of kit promotion

+31% in-store shopping trips for the member base

+5% membership sales increase

19k promoted hashtag posts over baseline for the same time period the year prior

Saved client team > 6 hours per person, per week, per program by taking care of everything.

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