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HubSpot Rates Sephora as the Best Loyalty Program

8 Ways To Build a Loyalty Program that Works

According to a Harvard Business Review article, acquiring a new customer costs 5-25 times more than retaining an existing customer. This same article points to "research done by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company (the inventor of the net promoter score) that shows increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%."

The stakes for customer loyalty and retention have never been higher. That's why HubSpot's recent blog post naming Sephora the Best Customer Loyalty Program caught our attention. In Customer Loyalty: The Ultimate Guide, HubSpot names the top 7 loyalty programs along with 8 ways to build a program that works. The following excerpt highlights several crucial takeaways from HubSpot's article:

  • Loyal customers convert and spend with brands they like more often

  • Loyal customers spend more than others

  • Loyal customers tell their family and friends about positive experiences. Word-of-mouth marketing is more effective at driving new customers than branded content and advertising. In turn, these referred customers become loyal customers that are likely to spend more than average.

  • In the U.S., 40% of online shopping revenue comes from repeat customers, who make up only 8% of site visitors.

  • ... in a world where there are hundreds of different options for virtually any product or service a customer might purchase, the fact that so many keep coming back to the same brands is really saying something. It indicates that a customer trusts and loves a brand -- and that the value they get from being a customer outweighs the potential benefit of a lower price or a different product from another brand.

For more valuable customer loyalty insights and 8 ways to build a program that works, read the full article here. [Note: Vivabox is proud to be a Sephora partner of 10 years.]

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3 best practices for marketers and buyers

Loyalty Killers


All of these loyalty killers speak to the impersonal nature of most loyalty programs. Read the full report here: 2017 Colloquy Loyalty Census.

Adding 5 New "Ps" to Marketing Strategy

"In the U.S. market alone, companies are losing $1 trillion in annual revenues to their competitors because they are not consistently relevant enough." To improve relevance, companies should rethink the traditional 4 P's of marketing as recommended in the Harvard Business Review article by John Zealley, Robert Wollan, and Joshua Bellin. In "Marketers Need to Stop Focusing on Loyalty and Start Thinking About Relevance," the authors challenge marketers to expand their thinking by adding five new P’s to the mix:

  1. Purpose: Customers feel the company shares and advances their values.

  2. Pride: Customers feel proud and inspired to use the company’s products and services.

  3. Partnership: Customers feel the company relates to and works well with them.

  4. Protection: Customers feel secure when doing business with the company.

  5. Personalization: Customers feel their experiences with the company are continuously tailored to their needs and priorities.

"71% of consumers now claim that loyalty incentive-programs don’t make them loyal at all. Instead, in this new era of digital-based competition and customer control, people are increasingly buying because of a brand’s relevance to their needs in the moment."

It's time to go beyond buying customer loyalty with rewards and rebates. It's time to transform customer retention and loyalty by focusing on customer engagement and memorable, personalized experiences that matter. It's time to focus on relevance.

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