Vivabox Solutions Launches “VBX Private Label Concierge and Customer Care Services”

April 13, 2019 - Dallas, TX      Vivabox Solutions, an international leader in custom promotional packaging and retail engagement, announces the launch of their VBX Private Label Concierge and Customer Care Service.

“Some of our clients told us they wanted a special loyalty experience and white-glove CX approach to augment the loyalty kits we were designing and producing for them. We collaborated on a high-touch approach and created a team aligned with our core hospitality tenets. Whereas most call centers want to keep their time on the phone or text minimal, the Vivabox Concierge Team is focused on aligning with our partner brands and the experience they want their customers to have. As the leader in boxed brand experiences, this was a natural extension of our model.” Said Pete Allen, Chief Operating Officer at Vivabox.

Vivabox Solutions five hospitality tenets:

  1. Take care of each other so we can take care of our customers

  2. Listen first. Communicate always.

  3. Live the brand.

  4. Exercise empathy.

  5. Use technology to be more human (thank you, Danny Meyer, who said, “Technology should be used to amplify your ability to use your heart” when offering hospitality.)


Vivabox Solutions is a private company headquartered in Rockville, MD with additional offices across the country and operating globally. Vivabox specializes in designing and delivering custom promotional and secondary packaging for brands and retailers. In 2018, they produced 22 million brand experiences for their clients.