what’s inside the box?

we partner with you to create the kit experience you want for your consumers, partners, and activation events.

you get a designer, marketing strategist, structural engineer, promo sourcing, project management, 3PpM, 3PL, and a team that cares about your program delivering on time and on budget.

we design the best brand experiences in a box as a full-service partner to you and your team.

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custom packaging

Fully custom products to reach your consumers, influencers, or prospects. That means the shape, finishes, colors, everything is unique to your brand and your campaign.

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loyalty programs

Consumers want to be truly cared for and rewarded for their loyalty, and you want them to share their loyalty experiences with friends and online. Vivabox can concept and deliver loyalty packages, kits, and special event boxes and bags to meet your needs.

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trial & discovery kits

We help you create trial experiences that are integrated into consumer’s lives and then bring them back to shop with you again. Getting multiple SKUs into one kit and out on the floor or to their door takes a bit of logistics and coordination — that’s our specialty.

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education in-a-box

Educators in the field are some of the best influencers you can have. We package up products with stories and key selling points in a way that propels trial, understanding, interest, and purchase.

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influencer & event kits

Top influencers can receive more than five boxes from brands per day. Every day. We help you make an impact, stand out, and get higher EMV and ROI from your influencer campaign by delivering a better product introduction with experiential packaging. We’ve even developed AR-influencer experiences through a Vivabox. These same principles apply to special event kits for your company or brand.


in-house creative

Our creative masterminds have packaged goods, beauty, outdoor, mass, club, grocery, and fashion backgrounds so they understand your brand quickly and bring big ideas that deliver on campaigns, ideas, and trends.

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white-label concierge service

Our white-label concierge team delivers VIP services, with your brand attached to it. For your most loyal customers, to your coveted influencers, they commit fully to your brand promise and deliver flawless products and adventures to their home or your special event.

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promotional kits

Hitting the holidays and launching a new product with something extra special means packaging that stands out and turns quickly. We can package a product story with extra special elements to deliver what you need on-time and on-trend.


pr packages

Writers, bloggers, and journalists want to feel wow-ed and quickly understand your pitch. Wrapping up your product pitch in custom or semi-custom packaging can make the difference between getting the link and the press, and nothing at all.

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kitting & fulfillment

We have warehouses on both coasts and the middle of the country where we kit and ship on the regular, making sure your programs arrive ready for retail, or Instagram. Or both.

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third-party logistics

Supply chain integration and management to ensure your SKUs, QA, and delivery fit your needs.

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Promo items, extra special touches and more can be located, priced, and procured for your kits. Seamlessly.

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Our team ships worldwide and prides themselves on getting the best timing and rates they can for your program.


our process & insights get results

After more than a decade of programs, we know how to get results. Here are a few examples of some recent successes.


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