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Generating Consumer Demand
In An E-commerce World

Discover retail insights gained from working with one of the world's fastest-growing retailers.

Find new ways to engage new customers, re-engage lapsed customers and recapture consumer attention and loyalty.

Explore how top retailers create authentic, connected brand journeys that accelerate retail demand with unique, engaging experiences that break through today's mobile-first, on-demand lifestyles.

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Vivabox partners with Brands, Retailers, Marketers and Buyers to accelerate retail demand by creating physical, memorable experiences and brand moments. We help you create authentic, connected brand journeys with unique, engaging experiences that break through today’s mobile-first, on-demand lifestyles.

We've worked with 800 brands to create positive ROI impact.


Who is Vivabox?


We engage customers with physical, memorable experiences is essential to generating demand in today’s e-Commerce world.


tools for increasing consumer engagement


Influencer Kits

Curate and Communicate to Improve Influencer Engagement and Authenticity


Loyalty Kits

Personalized, Memorable Experiences that Communicate You Know the Customer


Discovery Kits

Re-engage Customers with Physical Experiences of Discovery, Wonder, and Excitement

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The Art of the Kit

Retail Engagement for the 21st Century